Energy efficiency

An Energy Management System saves a minimum of 5 to 25% in the organizations where it is implemented.

At Cunovesa Group we seek solutions for our clients to improve the energy consumption of their facilities and implement energy generation solutions with clean and efficient energies. As well as reducing the environmental impacts of organizations and creating the most suitable and healthy environments to live and/or work in.

Our Energy Management System


Measurement and demand plan
Tailor-made monitoring


Energy balance
Detection of inefficiencies
Adequacy of alternative tariffs


Energy saving proposals


With our energy management system you will save in kWh, € and CO2!

Energy Monitoring Software

We not only accompany you in your decision process to invest in energy monitoring and control solutions, but we also give you technical support in the post-implementation phase. It consists of 24/7 technical monitoring by our specialists to obtain key information on water consumption and electrical and thermal energy performance.

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Tailor-made service

We carry out a personalized study according to your needs in order to adjust as much as possible to your objectives.


In a single click you can quickly visualize all environmental indicators.

Certified Software

Audited software to support your management systems in accordance with ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 standards.

The basis of your decisions

Control resource consumption data so you can take the most optimal corrective actions.