Our commitment is to improve every day in the development of our work

At Cunoves Group we are committed to developing innovative solutions that improve the quality of our projects and our customer service, while we care that our projects reduce the environmental impact both in the development phase and in the execution and use phase.

We have ISO 9001 quality management certifications :2015 and environmental management ISO 14001:2015, which demonstrate our commitment to rigor, quality and continuous improvement of our processes on the one hand, and to the protection of the environment and sustainability. In this way we achieve an efficient and effective management system that is a guarantee for the future.

9001 bo-1

ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 standard establishes the guidelines that a good quality management system must meet.

The standard is based on a philosophy of “continuous improvement”, which recognizes that companies must constantly strive to improve quality standards.

It establishes the requirements for organizations to achieve and maintain a quality management system to consistently provide services that meet customer requirements, meet business objectives, and increase stakeholder value.

14001 bo-1

ISO 14001

The certificate 140001 guarantees the correct implementation of the environmental management system.

The 14001 certificate guarantees the correct implementation of the environmental management system. It certifies that the company pays attention to respect for the environment, minimizing the impact of productive activity on it. It is also an opportunity to
identify areas for improvement
implement changes
always aimed at
greater environmental protection.