About us

More than 15 years of experience

Based on this extensive experience, we continue to move forward with the aim of becoming the reference partner of our clients, offering services in the international arena and sharing knowledge for the development of solutions adapted to specific requirements.

At Cunovesa Group, we work every day to offer a comprehensive and personalized service through expert and tailor-made accompaniment, in all phases of the project and until its complete execution.


Josep and Emma found Cunovesa Group.
First steps with BIM methodology.
We started cooperating in the African continent.
We started with construction of our own projects.
We opened a delegation in Bilbao.
We open new offices in Barcelona.
We built a new headquarters in Vic!


Our first steps

Cunovesa Group is a family business founded in 2008 by Josep Novellas and Emma Cunill, whose company name is an acronym for their surnames.


Towards innovation

We started to carry out our projects under the BIM methodology.


We cross borders

We go one step further and travel to the African continent to carry out different engineering projects in Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Morocco, Mauritania and Algeria,


We broaden horizons

In our beginnings we offered exclusively engineering services, and it was not until 2017 that we began to carry out the construction of our own projects.


We expand

In 2020 we opened a delegation in Bilbao with the aim of improving the company’s presence in the north and being closer to our customers.


The team grows

In 2022 we increased the workforce by 65% and consequently, we opened new offices in Barcelona.


New headquarters

We started the construction of the new headquarters of Cunovesa Group in Vic.

Our identity defines who we are and where we are going


Offer our clients a comprehensive and personalized service through expert support in all phases of the project and until its complete execution.


To be the global benchmark for comprehensive engineering, consulting, construction, maintenance and advisory services in the agri-food industry.


Efficiency, anticipation, flexibility and confidence support us. We provide innovative solutions that adapt to the objectives of each project.

Meet the team

What I like most is the work environment, especially the relationship with the roommates and all the colleagues in general. Feeling part of a whole.

Marc Pratdesaba
PCI and Works Specialist

What caught my attention was the growth that Cunovesa is having, but its differential value is the care, commitment and involvement with all its workers.

Aina Arbat
Head of Management Control

I notice a big difference with other companies, I see a concern for the status of the employee and I think they understand that this is a relationship of symbiosis and mutual trust.

Maider Arzubieta
BIM Modeler

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