PERTE Agri-food. Industrial strengthening actions in the agri-food sector

Promote the development and modernization of the agri-food industry by improving competitiveness, sustainability, traceability and safety in the agri-food sector.


Groups without legal personality which have established, before the submission of the application, an internal agreement governing their operation, consisting of at least 4 legal entities
differentiated (private mercantile companies, cooperative societies or agricultural societies of
Transformation (SAT)), and maximum 60, which do not belong to the same business group, nor be companies
controlled by any of the entities forming part of the grouping, with a presence in a
geographical scope that covers at least 2 Autonomous Communities, and that carry out the activities described in the bases.
Activities expressly excluded from AXIS 1 (Not from the rest of the PERTE): primary sector,
distribution, external logistics to companies in the agro-industrial sector and activities of the HORECA channel.

Eligible expenditure

The tractor project must cover the mandatory actions of at least two of the three blocks, being
Obligatorily one of them is traceability and food safety. The tractor projects must be oriented towards a product or several agri-food products, and must be structured around an objective of transformation of a sector, subsector, specific industrial zone … Do not transmit a mere concatenation of primary projects without more.

In each block there are mandatory and voluntary actions:

It comprises a single action in cooperation that will be the elaboration of a Traceability Plan and
Food Safety (PITSA), in which all the entities of the group must participate.

If of the members of the group, a company already has traceability and security plans in place
Food, must improve them or add new activities and coordinate it with the other members of the

All primary projects must be framed in one of the following 6 lines of action:

  • Line of industrial research, experimental development and innovation in organization and / or processes:
    • Industrial Research Projects
    • Experimental development projects
    • Organisational innovation projects
    • Process innovation projects
  • Innovation Line in sustainability and energy efficiency:
    • Innovative investments in environmental protection
    • Innovative investments in energy saving measures or renewable energies

Data Help

  • Concession on a competitive basis.
  • Types of aid: Subsidy, loan (at 0% interest with 10-year amortization and 3 years grace period) or
    combination of both.
  • The project cannot begin before the application and the actions must be completed before June 30, 2025.
  • The minimum eligible budget is 10 million euros per tractor project and 100,000 € per primary project.
  • The aid intensity shall be calculated for each primary project according to the type of
    This and type of company (see tables).
  • In the case of a concession, it is necessary to provide a security for the total subsidy and a percentage
    of the loan.

Application Deadline
The deadline to submit the application is from January 23 to February 28, 2023.

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